Welcome to my blog.

Hey. Thanks for looking around. Welcome to my blog, by the way.

I’m Michael, and like the header says, I’m a missionary. I’m also a writer, but most of all I’m just a normal guy.

For those of you that already know me, (Hey, Mom.) keep reading if you want. It’s probably not necessary, but you can. For everybody else, this page will tell you a just enough about me to not bore you completely.

I live with my wife and a pile of kids in northern Portugal. (That’s western Europe. Right next to Spain for the geographically challenged.) I coach a little American football in a soccer-centric culture and shepherd a small flock of faithful believers.

Other than that, I’m not a very good person. Jesus is, and I love him for it. I fail daily as a father and husband but, like Jesus – my wife and kids normally forgive me.

I’m passionate about the gospel and those who have never heard it. That will come out throughout this blog, and I sincerely hope that what I have to say may stir you to think more about and do more for those who walk in darkness. I hope to help you see a different side of missions than you may have seen before. It may not always be pretty. I promise you that it will be honest.

Every now and then I may veer off into SEC football. You may get a weird cultural reference or foreign word thrown at you, but it’ll be alright. If you stick around I’ll offer you some cool stuff for free every now and then.


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Who am I?

I grew up around Birmingham, Alabama and at 18 bolted north for 4 years to attend the USMA at West Point and play a little football. After graduation I returned home and got married, unable to fulfill my military commitment due to a traumatic knee injury I suffered at the Academy.

Just a few short months later, Jesus began transforming life and the whirlwind began. In the years to come I would work at a Christian Youth Camp, pastor a small but faithful flock in west Georgia before finding my ministerial groove here in Portugal.

I’m a father to 5 (four girls and a boy) and husband to one. Our life is hectic but rewarding. Our field is safe but never boring, and I desire to point you to follow me on my journey as a missionary, but also create one of your own.

Nothing is better than serving Christ on a foreign field, and I urge you to consider it, even for a short term. You could even come visit us! Just let us know in advance.


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  • Hmm. I just saw your link on the Tribe Writers Networking List.

    Just met you … all of 5 minutes and I know you already. Well, kinda. Or, seems like it. Your writing is very personal and conversational. I like your style. Best wishes, Sir. Seems like we just had a coffee chat. 🙂

    • Arlen, thanks for stopping by, and for the compliment. Feel free to stop by for coffee anytime, although don’t get offended if I only drink tea. Grace and peace from northern Portugal. I hope we get to talk soon.

      • Tea is good. No offense. Great to hear from you from northern Portugal.

      • Just noticed you do sushi. We’re on par there. Let’s do it.